Jan 14, 2010

Extra Care On Your Dyed Fabric

These garments do not need a lot of special care because we use high-quality fabrics, and shrinkage in washing is minimal. Some attention will be necessary, though, and you should be very happy with your purchase.

Remembering the batiked fabric has been heavily saturated with dye production, you can expect some dye to come out of the garment in the washing process (but this will not affect the color of your garment). Therefore, please follow these instructions for batik:

[1] Always wash separately. However, it is a good idea that if you purchase two pieces (i.e. a set), wash them together the first time. So, if there is a slight color variation, it will happen to both of them at the same time.

[2] Wash in cool water, add in 1 tablespoon of ordinary salt to the water. This may help to set the colors. Soak it about 10 minutes and then rinse in cool water.

[3] Hang to dry

[4] A light steam ironing will be necessary

We recommend hand washing for all batiks since it is the most gentle way to taking care of your hand printed fabrics. But, we do find that many of our clients do wash their batik with washing machine using "Gentle" rinse/ spin and they have no complaints!

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