Jan 14, 2010

Introduction on Designs

Our designers always have the best answers to all clients' hesitation. It is either you propose the design you like or we propose the best design for you. Do let us know your favorite themes and colors and we shall engineer the design according to your preferences.

Our Dealer (Iran)

We have recently appointed a dealer for Batik distribution in Iran. Following are his particular details:

Contact Person: Mr. Poorya Rashvand
Tel. No. 1: +98-912-2821630
Tel. No. 2: +98-912-2829989
E-mail: poorya_rashvand@yahoo.com

Extra Care On Your Dyed Fabric

These garments do not need a lot of special care because we use high-quality fabrics, and shrinkage in washing is minimal. Some attention will be necessary, though, and you should be very happy with your purchase.

Taking Care of Your Garment

Satin Silk
Hand wash in cool water or dry clean. Wring dry. Do not twist to tight. Do not hang under direct sunlight.

Discount Month

On selected month such as in conjunction with our staff's birth date, Founder shall announce it as Discount Month whereby the prices for all designs will be discounted up to 15% per piece. Similar to all other promotions, we also shall announce the month in company blog and Batik Pro Facebook wall.

Batik Week

On certain week when production is higher than demand, we will offer discount on certain design of up to 10% differ from the normal price. To know the actual date of Batik Week, we greatly encourage our clients to follow us on the blog and Facebook. Besides that, we also issue newsletter to valued clients based on request.

Introduction to Promotion

To promote our Batik design as global garment, we have sales and promotions which shall be updated from time to time. As for now, we have "Batik Week" and "Discount Month".

Purchase Made within Sabah, Sarawak & Other Countries

For any purchase made within Sabah, Sarawak and other countries, we prefer payment via PayPal. For further info on Paypal, kindly visit PayPal Pte. Ltd. at https://www.paypal.com/my.

Account No.: whizurl@hotmail.com

Purchase Made within Peninsular Malaysia

For any purchase made within Peninsular Malaysia, we prefer cash term. However this may be applicable for clients residing in Kelantan (Pasir Puteh & Kota Bharu), Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Damansara) and Penang Island. Goods shall be handed over to client once cash received.

Terms & Conditions

[1] All goods sold are refundable 30 days after date of purchase. This term may valid only for goods which is found as in unsatisfactory states such as torn and tattered only. As for other complaints, result may subject to investigation carried out by the main office.

Delivery Charges

Please note that there will be delivery charges and this may applicable to clients who prefer receiving goods via mail and not by hand.

Normal Rates

Design Name                             Price (RM)
Akar                                       From 180 - 350
Cenderawasih                         From 180 - 350
Cahaya                                   From 250 - 380
Coral                                      From 150 - 250     
Crack Ayu                             From 150 - 250
Kimono                                  From 180 - 380
Kuala Lumpur                         From 180 - 350
One Nation                             From 180 - 350
Permata                                  From 150 - 250
Rose                                       From 150 - 350
Sri Ayu                                   From 180 - 350
Warisan                                  From 180 - 350

Jan 13, 2010

Bulk Rates

Clients who wish to make a purchase in bulk, discount will be given from the accumulated rate.

No. of Piece(s)                                     Discounts
2 to 50                                                         5%
51 to 100                                                   10%
101 to 150                                                 15%
151 to 200                                                 20%
201 and above                                         25%

Old Design Rates

For all old/ outdated designs, the price per piece will be not more than RM150.

Clients may contact us to check out our old inventories and pay at minimum price.

Exclusive Rates

The rate for exclusive designs may range from RM250 and up to RM800 per piece.

The price somehow depends on the variety of colors, level of artistry (motif) and color thickness.

Introduction on Prices

"Nonetheless of its standard, we are flexible when it comes to orders and pricing which made our textile is the most original and affordable in town" - Founder

Current Materials Used

Satin Silk

A satin weave with a plain back. It has wonderful qualities, soft, smooth and silky. It brings somewhat cooling effect on the bearer. Naturally shimmering material.

Introduction on Materials

We offer the best textile quality with wide range of selection from Silk to Jacquard. With regards to materials, we provide variety of choices such as cotton, silk, jacquard or the like. Decision for materials mostly depends on customers. So, we offer consultation so that you could see the materials live. Please note that price range depends on the material type you chose. Note that available size per piece is 1.5m to 2.0m x 4m.

International Delivery Standard

Surface Mail:

[1] The International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union does not ascertain any international delivery standard for surface mail.

Parcel Rates

We are currently using Pos Malaysia Berhad[1] as our postage service provider. Please be informed that type of delivery shall depend on clients' urgency and upon requisition.
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