Sep 9, 2009

Other Batik Websites

I found out many websites using Batik as main topic.


> This website actually on batik sarongs (do not confuse with “batik canting”). Batik Sarong is a heritage garment which used generation by generation of women malays in the old days. Today, we can still found the norm in village and suburb area as a convenient garment to be used at home. Somehow, we can also see there is innovation to use it as attire such as “Baju Kurung”, “Baju Kebaya” (or relevants) for festival or ceremony. The trend is actually brought from Indonesia.


> This is wikipedia link for those who wants to know the definition of Malaysia Batik. Before indulge deeply with Batik, it is best if you study what is the meaning of Batik, technique and its uses.


> This is another description given out on Batik. Definition of Batik by Ping Anchorage is “Printing Out With Wax” and “No Two Pieces Are Exactly Alike”. I agree on this! (that is why we cannot print out detailed catalogue because we have different designs every week!. We do not want our customers to feel the hassle to get new issue everytime we change our designs.)


>This is a learning website on Bahasa Malaysia. Batik Malaysia is a noun in Bahasa Malaysia. The web editor explains on the impact of Batik Malaysia on Bahasa Malaysia, Impact of Batik Malaysia on Malaysia Culture, and Batik Patterns.


> This is a website of Batik Design Book, the book where it promote the beauty of Batik, making process, pictures, layout and designs made by QuaChee (an author, publisher, and model of Batik Inspirations.


> This is Noor Arfa website. A pioneer company of Batik in Malaysia. Established since 1980. Thanks to this innnovation by this Terengganu couple, Malaysia now has different view for Batik.


> This is E-Bay alike website. They sell and buy nearly every product. To search for Batik suppliers, exporters, manufacturers, factories and whatever related to Batik, just go to Sell offers and Buy offers buttons.


> This is websites that displays all batik designs (but, looks like not much pictures on the site so far!). I believed the author is in the process of updating his website (looking forward to it). The author is QuaChee.


> This is another E-Bay alike website (not shocking at all, who doesn’t want to be as filthy rich as E-Bay pioneer?). Offer selling and buying trade across Malaysia. Look for Batik product? Just googl-ing will do.


> This is the facebook made for The Malaysian Batik team. They featured recent news on Batik across Malaysia including Batik Fashion Show and so on.


> This is BARAKAF Collections Sdn Bhd website, a batik manufacturer. The factory is located at “Orang Asli Museum”.


> This website is for online shoppers, offers STAMPS specially designed with Batik patterns. The designers for these kind of Stamp is the winner for Piala Seri Endon – Batik Competition.


> This website offers all type of Batik garments.


> This flash website is belongs to an entrepreneur of Batik, established since 2004, this company has exhibited their designs in Brunei, Australia and Brunei.


> This is looks like a website that offers batik supplier services, and mostly from Terengganu. Unfortunately the website seems unfinished (when u click on the buttons, no information served!)


> This is the council that promote Batik Malaysia and in the mission to strengthening Batik industry in the country. Established by the Prime Minister in 2005. We have sent the application to be registered as well (waiting for the reply!)

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